christmas eve_____ nice....but bored too..
1st..go parde wtih him then saw lots ppl...
back greentown celebrated with him
he so cute 12a.m
he gave me a ring..hapy...
kah seng oso gave me a present at eleven sumthng..
thxx him too..hehexx....

what hapen to my mom!!!

i juz noe that im freaking angry my mom today!!! ish...she promised me let me go out at 24th and 26th..24th is for christmas...and 26th is for my fren friend en li is opening for a christmas party..i wana gonna change school already..=( mom sudenly told me juz to chose 1 day..haiz...i dun noe lah..mayb she let me two days oso go..but 24th wont be that syok out whole day!!! haiz...fine..hate to break promise!! ...if she cant make the promise dun promise me then...huh..i damn miss my fren..not that realy willing change to the school...i dun noe why ..izit my problems?..2day i text with many 4 ppl straight asked me izit im so they gonna noe im moody..i juz text with them..for sure they cheer me too..thxx..the 1st ppl is zhen sen..2nd jason phang..3rd chris ho and 4th ppl is bryan ..well..dun noe why i go toilet cry for half and hour ..sum more play my phone alone inside the toilet.. for doesn look nice in toilet also..-.- haizzzzzzzzzzzzzz

the whole week...=)

well...finaly i get the time to re-new my blog. last whole week..damn busy...for my family trips and follow by a buddhist camp.....monday we headed up to KL...then tuesday and thrusday reach genting then go find the two dong dong kit yan and kit yeng..but they gonna back that after buy ticket..i go theme park play with my brother..=.= so where's my parent..they go casino$...swt..then lose RM600...haha...laugh die me..then wednesday morning we back..






then folow by thursday friday and saturday i go for the totaly freaking nice ..and i make friends with many guys..they all are so friendly. my group header is so cares of us..and the issac..he is care of me too..cheer me up and gave me brave for go up the stage perform...thx..=)..haha..he curi gave me a pack of milo in the we played the station game at the second gotta rockx the game..but i get whole body got lots of scar..i mis the day..miss all of them..looking for next year camp ^^

cheau yee me and yasmine..mgs girl^^

my group header and me..i co him pig

the station game^^ (our group member)

everyone sure get

no title..

whole weak wont be post anythng in blog...
lol..monday go KL..tuesday wednesday go genting..
and folow by thursday,friday and saturday ..
will be attend for a
haiz..wish to hapy when having my trip..
take care everyone...

wtf..throat pain

i have been sicked for 3 days..untill now..
wtf...who can save sound is like...
an old i have to perform..
but..i dint did it..i gv up...cuz my throat is freaking pain..
even speak also got problems..then i juz be a crew for the prom..
erm...quite not fun my leg so damnly pain..
and yea..these why i hate to wears heals .i used plaster..
to hold on my pain..have to helped the organizer..
no idea..kept ran here ran there...
after that..the ball started..few activities is going on too..
i juz noe jackie won for the best dress prize..and joey too..
then the guy ask them to dance..
then i juz happy for jackie
after that..i back shop..jackie back parade..then he changed dress..
and headed up to my happy saw him again..
sei sor zai my mom said treat him eat...
but when he back he throw me rm10...=.=

actualy i feel so heart felt damn sour..
i used to told myself not to thnk too much..
especialy some one post the pic in the fb
but can not..although is juz a activity for fun...but fine..=)
dun noe why..i saw that pic i cr***
fucker dun try to beat me down..fugly

thx u la

yesterday im moody..he knew me cry...
he call with me..accompany me...
and yet...tum me...cheer me up...but i sudenly close his phone.. wan disturb u only la..myself problem...
but anyway..thxx for caring me..^^
u always cheer me when im moody and down...
u are such a best good fren to me...hees...
i realy dun noe wanna how to requite u luu...
hope u happy always and have a nice day..

u tried?

i feel that he tried to stay far away from me..sigh...
u saw me u dun tok with me...
u saw me u dun feel happy
u saw me u dun text me
u saw me u dint even look at me...
and yet...always dun wana find me..
u got to go u dint told me anything..
u rather accompany ur fren ..
dun noe what u thinking..i asked u..
u say cuz waiting me to text u...
but i say i dun wan..i wan u changed..
u promised me...but u broke the promise..
u say u will change ur atitude..i dint feel so..
u broke it waiting for u the whole day la please..
tired...sincerely...u realy do hate me or what??
my destiny so bad...i doesn feel that u care on me...
did you?? but u said u did..and u say i dint care on u..
im totaly tired...what u thinking !! god!!! what he thinking!!


same as usual..woke up and then is so hard..sleep, eat , work, if re-open school then go school..=( more bored la human being...around 6p.m mummy bring me along go boutique that near our shop in greentown..she bought lots of dress and me juz 1 grey jacket and a dress for the coming soon prom night.=D happy...hope for the day 10th december..sure got lots of pretties and leng zai shop..then online..nothing else i can do..sure facebook..then msn..oh gosh..for sure i chat with him too...he wrote"try not to think of it" in his PM..i asked him..what u thinking of?..sure got something..he say nothing...i know he sure will say so..cuz is been many times he told me like this .then i juz fine..and say ok to him..then i whisper myself..not nothing !! is everything..!!life wasnt that good for me..every day got lots off things happend..or else trouble around me problems..Life is just a chance to grow a soul.And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years..i miss u not ur me beeing defeated to love you~ some days...u wil realize the obstructer _____♥



nelson bufday =)

woke up...followed sofea's car
go nelson...then folow by kelvin,alfred and naigel..
haha...sook wei saw alfred then faster hidden..and her heart-beat is like
bob bob bob!!!! lol...both of them so shameful...aww...hows funny =)
then after ate..we go join nelson's jusco kbox...
he is the bufday boy..he play with issac and kent them till very
ish...then finish...we go watch movie..after all gone me and jackie
go black canyon ate sumthng..taste
after parents came jj too..then i join them after tat back..
anyway..happy birthday to him..
i miss him i miss him i miss him i miss him i miss him i miss him
i miss him i miss him i miss him i miss him i miss him i miss him
i miss him i miss him i miss him i miss him i miss him i miss him
i miss him i miss him i miss him i miss him i miss him i miss him
i miss him i miss him i miss him i miss him i miss him i miss him
i miss him i miss him i miss him i miss him i miss him i miss him
i miss him i miss him i miss him i miss him i miss him i miss him

nothing special

woke up..go shop..then at night go inet online...
he suddenly text me..told me tat he dinner with father..
then i ask him with who? at where?..
he island red
cafe..with father..
after that he said..his father friend's daughter..
damn leng lui...i juz mood at all ..
feel like dun wana sms with him..
then he ask me what happen..i said nothing...
after that he only realized th
at what is happening..
he request a forgive from me..i co him send me
hundred msg of
YOU <3 only deal...
he realy did it...but 50% soh zai...
then...back home..text with idiot with sofea and jackie..
thn i fall

I WANT W705..<3


Tagged by MAGGIE :D
Rules of the game:Once you are tagged,you MUST DO this quiz and tag 16 friends,including the person who tagged you.Copy and paste everything,do it and re-post the title with whatever rank you were given.Ranks are given at the bottom of this note.If you have done something in this school which is indicated by the sentence, mark the [ ] on the left side of the thing you have done with a x.Let the game begin.

Let the game begin.Level 1:
[x]Sleep in class
[x]Talked in class
[x]not seating at your own place in class
[x]Scolded by a teacher
[x]Litter the classroom
[x]Did not do your homework at least 15 times
[ ]Submitted your homework late at least 10 times
[ ]Came late for school at least 10 times
[x]brought/wore home clothes without school's permission
[ ]brought/wore jewellery to school[x]did not pay attention in class for at least 60% of the time
[x]cried out "sian" or "wa lao wei" to the teacher
[ ]plucked a flower/ killed a plant in school
[x]copied other people's homework in desperation (that I really had no choice !)
[x]played a trick on your classmates/teacher

Total so far: 19
Level 2:
[ ]sent for detention class
[x]late in class
[ ]not wearing your school uniform (if you have) properly
[x]shouted at the top of your voice during lesson time
[x]scolding vulgarities in class
[x]spotted hairstyle deemed unacceptable by the school
[ ]used a school facility without school's permission
[ ]played soccer/basketball or any other sports/games in classroom
[x]singing loudly during lesson (but NOT THAT loud)
[x]walking around the class aimlessly during lesson time
[x]did not greet the teacher properly
[x]went to the toilet during lesson time without permission
[ ]played a trick on the teacher during april fools
[ ]used the teacher's table as a rubbish dump
[x]made yourself a nuisance to the teacher

Total so far: 22
Level 3:
[ ]was asked to stay back after school/ break time
[x]made a fool out of morning assembly
[ ]wasted the school's toilet paper
[x]sabotaged someone
[x]irritated someone

Total so far:23
19Level 4:
[x]forged your parent's signature
[ ]forged a classmate's signature
[ ]forged a teacher's signature
[ ]made rude remarks to the school cleaners in front of them
[ ]flew a paper aeroplane down from the school from at least the third storey

Total so far:27
Level 5:
[x]fiddling with your handphone during lesson time
[ ]played with your PSP in school
[x]using school computer to play games without a teacher's permission
[x]listened to an MP3 player in school
[x]messed with the teacher's pigeon hole

Total so far:27
Level 6:
[ ]vandalising with school property
[ ]tried to defame your school in public
[ ]used the internet to scold teachers
[ ]fought with someone in school
[ ]shoplifted in school

Total so far:28
Level 7:
[ ]cheated in a class test
[ ]cheated in a school examination
[ ]cheated for your PSLE/ GCE 'O' or 'A' Level Examination
[x]Lied to your teacher
[ ]played truancy for hall assemblies/ specific lessons

Total so far: 22
Level 8:
[ ]took drugs in school
[ ]smoked in school
[ ]set fire to something in the school
[ ]locked the teacher out of the classroom
[ ]played truancy just after coming to school just to take attendance

Total so far: 29
Level 9:
[ ]refused to pay school fees
[ ]cheated the school money
[ ]stole things which belonged to the schoo
[x]bullied someone in school ( just playing la )
[ ]pranked called your school

Total so far:31
Level 10:
[x]raised your voice/shouted against a student leader
[x]raised your voice/shouted against a teacher
[ ]raised your voice/shouted against your discipline master/mistress
[ ]raised your voice/shouted against your vice-principal
[ ]raised your voice/shouted against your principal

Total so far: 31
Level 11:
[ ]brought weapons to the school
[ ]brought real firearms to the school
[ ]brought a real bomb to the school
[ ]fired a real weapon in the school with the motive to frighten/kill
[ ]dressed up as a terrorist to school

Grand total: 31Ranks:
If you are between 0-15 -------------{I am a good student}
If you are between 16-20------------{I am a good student but with occasional trouble}
If you are between 21-30------------{I am an average student}
If you are between 31-40------------{I am a bad student}
If you are between 41-50------------{I am a very bad student}
If you are between 51-60------------{I should have been caned by the discipline master}
If you are between 61-65------------{I should have been expelled from school}
If you are between 66-75------------{I should have been sent to a reformatory centre}

Answer : {I am a bad student} lolxxx....


miss u biiiiiiiiiii ♥

gosh..darn miss u bii...
how could u keep appear in my mind...
the only one of u...u totally disturb my concentrate
of my work...our distance may be far away...
but i sure our relations still remains true..
im not prefect..i will anoy u..piss u off..
and say stupid thngs..then take it bk..
but put all aside..u will never find a girl that
cares and loves u more then me dis idiot girl...
i lay in bed every night thankful to god u are mine..
u kiss my lips softly i know we are mean to be..
you stare at my eyes as u hold me..and then..
everythng disappears into nothing..
i cant thnk off anyone i had rather be with..
no one i will spend my life more then u..
and i will always be by ur side..
i will always love u..forever and a day..babe...
everyone says u can only fall in love once..
but evey time i hear ur voice..
i fall in love all over again..
i miss u more then i could say...
plz keep me at ur side... <3

moody =(

woke up..then followed my father go to shop..
while the journey going to shop..some body told me sumthng..
and we argued..he dun und my feeling..damnly sad..fine la..
then i arived shop juz with tanjong malim old friends
quite funny la them...and then 5 p.m sumthng "A" came and find me
in my sumthng..haiz..hope my thngs will settle immediately..
nearly everyday oso suffering sumthng...ish..hate those days..
then 6sumthng my idiot brother came shop too..
hate to see him..cuz he sure fight with me for the lap top..
always play dota..hate boys play dota too..adict on it till mad cow like that..
huh..playing cafe world..then he came and kacau me..then..what to do..
gave him play lo..ish..the someone dint text me..waiting for...........

quite happy the whole day

7th november 2009 (saturday)
woke up as usual..then prepared everything..
took the big hello kitty we bought for kityi's present
then headed up to jusco...arive around 12p.m...
wait for the sui poh sofea and her sister sook wei..
around half an hour only they reached..feel like let them put
then have some walk with them..saw jackson teo working at the ''chatter kopitaim''
and then the babi jackie and kelvin them still not yet came..wait for them 2 hours..
ish.killed them...then me and sofea tot helped them go buy ticket 1st for movie...
but there are no place already..then finaly chose sing
after that jackie came..follow by kelvin..ken..naigel..jess and their friends...
we sing k till 6 sumthng then me and jackie go for kityi's party at akamoniji...
sei kityi made me and jackie go wrong place.go till pizza hut
ppl go from jusco to akomomiji took 10 minutes..but me and jackie used 1 hour to go there..
plus raining that day..innoncent la both of us...hoho..
after having dinner with them then me , choi leng and yang them sit dong gua's cars
go barrom..then saw damn many ppl at barrom that day..other then matthew..
jason phang..kent..milky..tony wong and his brother..zhen shin ..kityan..edward..kok wai.
joseph..miko..many and
around 1a.m then my mom came fetch me back then..end..

here's some photo we snap at jusco that day

sook wei and me

just me

sofea and me

3 of us^^



nothing else..bored also..

same luu..go work..need earn money er..
my wishlist still got alot things
erm...after time, online for awhile..
while playing face book..the sopoh apple tan was there too..
so happy she's with her
then..what else..??countinue work lo..
my life so bads..T.T



woke up as late for work...
so i doesn go for work 2day.
doing nothing at home..watched tv..:((
then 6p.m sumthng..edward and me decided go find
that three dong dong..jackie, jing yi, and kok wai
haha...then after i bathed..took taxi go toh bow kong temple meet edward
is freaking much pll there..then we walked go in..
we found that the 3 fellows is selling some acesories near the...something like food court..XDD
their reaction when saw us is damnly funny..then me and edward ate at there.
after that we buy some bevarages and sweets for
chating with the uncle that selling stuf with's cool..
after that and eaward alone sit taxi back again..:(
miss them..


oh many ppl say..SINGLE ROCKX..
how do u all guys thnk of?
for still okay lah :(
haiz..trying to put down totally sad actualy..
but everythng will be fine soon..i believe it..nothing is imposible rit
he is out of my lifes now..
wasnt lifes is so hard to live for a human being like me
juz spining my own head around..
woke up at 9.45a.m, edward text me and we have some chat there..
after that i 10a.m sumthng like that..
edward told me that jackie ding and jing yi loh was going out
for working...that two stupid dum ass selling "tortise bread"
at "dou mou gong" quite funny..
and then at 11a.m sumthng..i folow my mum go out shop
and working too ..damnly tired..haiz...but then got salary get from them..
is else i can
one word..tired tired tired tired..


haha...same as usually..
wake up and then bath..
prepared everything..
follow my father's car go out..
he droped me at parade...
we dis idiot gang..
edward,kit yan, jing yi, kok wai, jackie and me
purposely wear black and white to match with each others fun...
at 1st..all arived is to find for jobs..
lol.all like no money use ,say muz find a job 1st..
gonna bankrupt already...and then...
we go for kbox sing k....>.<
all become sakai again...haha...always stand at kbox's sofa..
dance ,sing and play....
when the time nearly to back home...
me , kok wai and jackie play over le.
when the time kok wai use his hand touch jackie's xxx
jackie is too sensitive and kicked the table..
after that..HAHAHA...the glass jar is droped and broken...
so scared la that and jing yi faster take the plastic beg from the rubish bin..
then put all the broken jar into the plastic beg and put into my beg..-.-
me and jackie pretend go back home and go out from kbox and faster throw the plastic away..
haha..we so bad...finaly...all back home... so memorable for me...i will never forget bout what we did..lolxx

bye to pmr..wee..

at last ...the evil PMR is stay away from me... friends is so bad..those who doesnt sit for chinese exam..
sombong to me at 9 a.m sumthng ..
said they are going back and some of them go parade 1st..T.T
i juz looking at them ..when PMR end..all shouted like "sakai"
the teacher who duty in the exam hall was sockx to saw that..
thought what happend is going on..haha..realy funny
after that..when im going to sit for the chinese exam only realise that
my 10pairs++ of contact lens lost already..with my brush too..
the person is purposely made me into hard n dun wana let me take the exam..
vely mad for what they so childish...
friends all also wana betray me..damn suckxx..
in mgs i already let stollen many least up to 5 times..
why this world got such no moral's people..
haiz..anyway is fine ..cuz pmr is end..
p/s: hope to fren back with 'Cxxxxx' but she do damnly sad..
some more say i no friends only friend back her..why evey one oso like that....


not going to post my blog
until pmr end..^^
anyway moody in dis few days..
trying to be fine...
wish u all guys happy..


my god...problem is finding me all the way..
one day serious then 1 day..
result bad=(
mummy dun let me go out shoping any mur...
friends also got many problem..
haiz...many fren becum enemy luu..
so schooll oso same...
what the hell is going on...
the TCB come and mess wif me again...
i juz prasing her in fronf of ks tat day..
but she done to me
cuz i dun wan anythng hapen any mur..
and juz ignore all the thng..dun wana argue anymur..
but then..what i get bk frm her...
ILL..she still wana cum and mess wif cheap..
after moral clas wif her..
mandy n me sure get bang frm her...
she so suck...tat day still bang sofea them n
she dare slapt sofea..she tot she so big...
ishh..irritating..i feel very wana go and ask infrot of her.
what she want actually...
i wan she get bk what she had done to us now..
she alway scold us childish ..but she is the one mur and mur..
NO MANNES at all..who can teach her..
she din have moral wan lah..
pitty her lah...huh..
dear bloggie...
im recently busy these few week..
im not going to post my new blog ..
after exam will post it immediatelly..
hope 4 ur forgive here..
take care guys..miss u all..^^



see beside me dis mandy..
having alot of fun wif her 2day

at science class...
naughty..teacher teaching we all

look over here...every body..peace..
our class chinese gang..XD

see dis guy...
look cute her en many ballon here...
i'm lovin' it..XD

haha..both of us...nothing to do..
den take some pic here..

we decorating de khemah..
hardworking..i know..perasan..hahaxx

we picking de ballon ..
those ballon fly all over lah..fainted




yea...juz go school early in the morning..
same as usually..sure study
after science ..juz go lah..(science lab)
arived...we did de same ..listen teacher teaching...
unfortunately...huh..beside me that ''JI ZHA POH''
talk with me..sure i turn and face to her ask what happen ritx...
but than..let Pn Seow saw it..blame on me ask me why i turn to her and chating.
scold me is the 3rd time to did it..
im damn sad..she is scolding me like mad..OH MY GOD... feel not well to using my old way to rest out all my fire..hehe..
i draw her in the paper like sakai and let my friends see lah...they sudenly laughing
lik crazy..juz cant stop it..oh..i oso cant control join them and laugh...
den..wad conclusion again..let monitor shout STOP LAH ...SHUT UP..and canteen join my friends tok back of de
C-O-C-O-N-U-T again...
i wonder why she have alotz of bad thing to let us not our fault ritx..
sure becuz of ..she damn stupid..really got those fucking atitude..not we blame her..
den...back to mandy house..started gosip bout my fren kah seng and that tho chi bai...
realy felt sad on it...what he did..seah kah seng...make me down..
still de same..use idiot brain to think..he is chosing de wrong way..
we already so many years being a true friends ..som more couple be4..
but...he chose to lie me...really truely madly deeply....
and he chose to couple with that tho chi fren mandy oso ..
she cant control she decided to ask clear bout that case from kah seng...
den kah seng co bk..we juz chat wif him and getting mad and mad...
so we scold him with our high sound...but..u know what he did to us..SHITT...
after we scold him..he laughing woh..din even respct i feel wana wacked him lol.
ppl..did u saw a ppl let scold still laf..gek sei u ritx..den..mai nothing lol..
dun know wan to pitty him like being a so zai or what...
finaly he admit it he got couple wif her..WHAT THE CRAB man...
i know we might not to ask him and so care bout him actualy...
so dangerous u know..wif HER.(COCONUT) couple..ishhhh.....fainted lah wey...
now..i wonder who am i suppose to facing those cure stuff and more..
is really suck to me..felt so tired...if time can be bk..
i chosing din even being a fren with can more happy and freedom ...
IM TIRED~~~~~~~~~


plz lah coconut....
u still dun know who is de winner now...
im shuffering how worst was u is it...
later u go and sked other ppl ..they vely kesian..
juz see ur coconut shit face..already can make ppl die faster...
plz lah ..fuck off...dun be de stupid but be de stupiest... suitable 4 u...
now..did u feel shameful...cuz tok alotz of rubish infrnt ppl...
u rili make me feel wana wacked u and f u loh...
still act like u are de 1 correct and no fault at all...
so too late to apologize ...u already started to mess wif us...
god give u a good way to walk..u dun..but u chose de IDIOT wan to be...
sum mur co ur sis help u play dis idiot warning u now..
use ur ugly brain to tnnk freaking waste to u din even use that..
last be de kind wan..dun wana fuck u...
help kityi give bk u de phone money..
4 ur LIE-ING PRESENT from sum 1...
u still wana staring on me and do those chi bai face ah...
plz lah...face already ugly like shit...still wana mor worst...
now u happy week..will be de fighting between ur
sis gang and our LAN CI oh ur sis...
co us better bring mur ppl...sked we DIE FASTER HERE ah...ops..
im sooo sked~~...stupid... Sry lah..u are WRONG...
u nid go ther 4 waiting simpan ur MANGSA here....
CARMEN wondering why i got a bitch fren like u...NOOB SHIT...
im WONT k now..juz hope u all beware from attention on it..4 ur savely too..


hey ppl...RMB DIS BABI HUTAN..frm mgs ipoh..

name carmen tho kar mun
she was wearing de yellow dress..
lok lik banana..

she is sticking her eye lashes in SASA shop yesterday..

cuz it was droped..HAHAHAHA


what a bad jusco shopping day..BITCH

huh..juz wake up and rewrite yesterday blogger..
yesterday mandy bufday party was having in jusco..
so i go..be4 that..let my mum scold till cry oh..
den i crying go malu..hahaxx...
erm..i arive..den find fren and shopping loh..
after that go mc donald se dou mun chun and sai cheong them lah..
sum mur saw de BANANA THO CAMR MUN...
walao..yesterday izit hotline about dis tho kar men news..
hahaxx..sure lah..she is making me mad...
is her to started dis game....
let explain here.....
yesterday she was walking wif us...
after that..she walk away from us...
den kah seng was cuming to jj too..
he go and teman that banana bitch...
while walking...sudenly meet back de banana...
she was walking wif kah smiling and walk toward to her..
going to talk wif her..but dis BABI HUTAN...
she scold me like losing her mind...
she shout at me and say.."did u all know u all vely over..purposely co
kah seng teman me and leave me alone.."
she is turn on my fire that time..i scold back.."where got..what happen to u..chisin.."
and sum bad word is cuming out from my mouth..i give face i turn around and walk
away..while de bufday gurl not vely happy..den argue wif many ppl
looking at us..tat banana make us malu.she din malu we oso malu de..
herself wrong sum mur blame ppl..what a stuborn human being...
sum mur lose argue den crying and walk away wo..
adui..dis bitch alway aim 4 a prefect boy couple wif her..
did she use mirror and see her shit face how it was... u all sokong us..juz spread the msg bout her..thxx

having fun at school 2day ^^

well...normally loh...
go to school...2day me at school
sudenly let my frenx co me
'AH YING' wohh..den they all
keep on laughing me le..T.T
crazyyyy....neh..our math teacher
Puan Lily done geh good thng...
after that..bell rang...sure happy lah..
back home woh...but we still nid to
stay 4 having a job. decorate a banner
4 the coming day of khidmat masyarakat G CHEONG FEN co us do wan..
mulut big big..lyk G CHEONG FEN GEH teacher...
yiyer.hate her..alway come out all her saliva while talking..
u can thnk how worst izit..and speaking broken english.
it was lyk...aiya dun know how to say..!1 word.."DENG"
ahaha...den do until half all of us..-GOOD STUDENT-
take out phone play again...take picture here..
take picture there..ahaha...after that..go play
volley ball 4 awhile untill now my hand become
PIG HAND LO..(cry)..pain pain lah..
at last....gen jiong loh...4 of us nothing to do..
brave dou go our skull geh 1 room which was
store all de stuff have been rampas by teacher and prefects..
know what we do??haha...2 ppl jaga that door..
me n vivian go in..den ..panjang tangan loh....
we did that oso becuz of take back what thng have been rampas by
them lah..din take others thng le...we good ppl de..u shud know..
ahaha...after that oso got bit scared lah...
den rush out quickly back home loh..^^
hahax..what a extreme game at school.


felling damn tired today

oh yeah...2day...juz a simple day 4 me..

erm ..our class tchr return de laporan card

to us..i having a job going to teach

de gurl beside me..pull her up de marks

and improve her maths..tchr say if she dint

improve..i gonna die lol...wuwuwu..

i will try my best ..ahaha

okays...let took bout..moral class..

de pet pet teacher gona bully our chinese gang us do dis do we juz being

a bad student when having her moral..haha..

of cuz..we oso naughty actually..2day bring phone wo..

sure lah..still take lah..

we very serious doing kh revision

erm..dis guy...alway buli me at ttn....

sei xian kai...muz rmb him...

im very kesian lo...he though im

let champion see those 'yuk ma msg'

den...let him use many rubbish thng throw me...

wuwuwuwu...haha....gonna kill him...

is time to bed..juz finish my pro..

damn tired..stop here..^^


juz the 1st day open dis blogger..
haha..not very well to use yet..
juz boring..hate teacher give too many
home work to those PMR projek..
gona make me die... thinking back now.
a worst thng is happen on me and my fren..
de gurl why stil dun wan her face..
gonna ask our money 4 buying her present..
lyk forcing us..not very song loh..
yer...plz lah..nearly make me wan argue wif her..
(we still fren..i give face U)
what the ****-.- very happy oso..
xian kai say sorry to me loh..
actually that day im angry with him..
but then feel sad after that..
2day i oso tahan dun tok wif him loh..
saw him juz feel wana say sorry to him..
so.sorry here..i oso got wrong.. ok..we still best fren..
i love him^^