quite happy the whole day

7th november 2009 (saturday)
woke up as usual..then prepared everything..
took the big hello kitty we bought for kityi's present
then headed up to jusco...arive around 12p.m...
wait for the sui poh sofea and her sister sook wei..
around half an hour only they reached..feel like let them put aeroplane..lol
then have some walk with them..saw jackson teo working at the ''chatter kopitaim''..lol
and then the babi jackie and kelvin them still not yet came..wait for them 2 hours..
ish.killed them...then me and sofea tot helped them go buy ticket 1st for movie...
but there are no place already..then finaly chose sing k...lol..
after that jackie came..follow by kelvin..ken..naigel..jess and their friends...
we sing k till 6 sumthng then me and jackie go for kityi's party at akamoniji...
sei kityi made me and jackie go wrong place.go till pizza hut there..lol..
ppl go from jusco to akomomiji took 10 minutes..but me and jackie used 1 hour to go there..
plus raining that day..innoncent la both of us...hoho..
after having dinner with them then me , choi leng and yang them sit dong gua's cars
go barrom..then saw damn many ppl at barrom that day..other then us..got matthew..
jason phang..kent..milky..tony wong and his brother..zhen shin ..kityan..edward..kok wai.
joseph..miko..many and many..so happy..lol
around 1a.m then my mom came fetch me back then..end..

here's some photo we snap at jusco that day

sook wei and me

just me

sofea and me

3 of us^^