haha...same as usually..
wake up and then bath..
prepared everything..
follow my father's car go out..
he droped me at parade...
we dis idiot gang..
edward,kit yan, jing yi, kok wai, jackie and me
purposely wear black and white to match with each others
lolx..is fun...
at 1st..all arived is to find for jobs..
lol.all like no money use ,say muz find a job 1st..
gonna bankrupt already...and then...
we go for kbox sing k....>.<
all become sakai again...haha...always stand at kbox's sofa..
dance ,sing and play....
when the time nearly to back home...
me , kok wai and jackie play over le.
when the time kok wai use his hand touch jackie's xxx
jackie is too sensitive and kicked the table..
after that..HAHAHA...the glass jar is droped and broken...
so scared la that time..lol.edward and jing yi faster take the plastic beg from the rubish bin..
then put all the broken jar into the plastic beg and put into my beg..-.-
me and jackie pretend go back home and go out from kbox and faster throw the plastic away..
haha..we so bad...finaly...all back home...
hoho...is so memorable for me...i will never forget bout what we did..lolxx