having fun at school 2day ^^

well...normally loh...
go to school...2day me at school
sudenly let my frenx co me
'AH YING' wohh..den they all
keep on laughing me le..T.T
crazyyyy....neh..our math teacher
Puan Lily done geh good thng...
after that..bell rang...sure happy lah..
back home woh...but we still nid to
stay 4 having a job. decorate a banner
4 the coming day of khidmat masyarakat
loh...de G CHEONG FEN co us do wan..
mulut big big..lyk G CHEONG FEN GEH teacher...
yiyer.hate her..alway come out all her saliva while talking..
u can thnk how worst izit..and speaking broken english.
it was lyk...aiya dun know how to say..!1 word.."DENG"
ahaha...den do until half all of us..-GOOD STUDENT-
take out phone play again...take picture here..
take picture there..ahaha...after that..go play
volley ball 4 awhile lo...play untill now my hand become
PIG HAND LO..(cry)..pain pain lah..
at last....gen jiong loh...4 of us nothing to do..
brave dou go our skull geh 1 room which was
store all de stuff have been rampas by teacher and prefects..
know what we do??haha...2 ppl jaga that door..
me n vivian go in..den ..panjang tangan loh....
we did that oso becuz of take back what thng have been rampas by
them lah..din take others thng le...we good ppl de..u shud know..
ahaha...after that oso got bit scared lah...
den rush out quickly back home loh..^^
hahax..what a extreme game at school.