please be awake bitches!

why until now i still the moody tired man~
please...who can ever save me out of this fucking kind of
rubbish world...i felt more shameful with those bithces
that i ever damly disgusting..DARN!!!
u guys make me felt weary ...fed up of ipoh already...
if i get the chance transport to KL...i swear i WILL!!!
u guys have enuf qualifications to e SLUT...oh yeah...
don't get me the chance to laugh u guys please...LMAO.
the main point who make me mad is...the fugly AMC slut..
who is the one real seafood(lala) and yet her fren and
ppl is backstabbing her around ...include infront of me...
she don't noe she is the one who get hate by everyone...
she still dare to judge about me...please..dont u noe
what is going on!u got what qualifications to judge me....?
since u are the one who real lala and u are an agitator...
stupid mie? use brain la...need i teach u how many times?
not bored mie...u dun bored i also bored la wey...dun make me
always waste my time juz always scold u guys on my blogger la..
polluter...SHIT....u wan judge bout me juz straight go and
find my mom...tell my mom "auntie ur daughter how how how"
lol...if u dun feel shameful la~if u be awake u will realize tat..
u have no point to simply judge me "lala"...and u will really realize tat..
u judge me 'lala' becuz of? u jealous bout me or? i right?