christmas eve_____ nice....but bored too..
1st..go parde wtih him then saw lots ppl...
back greentown celebrated with him
he so cute 12a.m
he gave me a ring..hapy...
kah seng oso gave me a present at eleven sumthng..
thxx him too..hehexx....

what hapen to my mom!!!

i juz noe that im freaking angry my mom today!!! ish...she promised me let me go out at 24th and 26th..24th is for christmas...and 26th is for my fren friend en li is opening for a christmas party..i wana gonna change school already..=( mom sudenly told me juz to chose 1 day..haiz...i dun noe lah..mayb she let me two days oso go..but 24th wont be that syok out whole day!!! haiz...fine..hate to break promise!! ...if she cant make the promise dun promise me then...huh..i damn miss my fren..not that realy willing change to the school...i dun noe why ..izit my problems?..2day i text with many 4 ppl straight asked me izit im so they gonna noe im moody..i juz text with them..for sure they cheer me too..thxx..the 1st ppl is zhen sen..2nd jason phang..3rd chris ho and 4th ppl is bryan ..well..dun noe why i go toilet cry for half and hour ..sum more play my phone alone inside the toilet.. for doesn look nice in toilet also..-.- haizzzzzzzzzzzzzz

the whole week...=)

well...finaly i get the time to re-new my blog. last whole week..damn busy...for my family trips and follow by a buddhist camp.....monday we headed up to KL...then tuesday and thrusday reach genting then go find the two dong dong kit yan and kit yeng..but they gonna back that after buy ticket..i go theme park play with my brother..=.= so where's my parent..they go casino$...swt..then lose RM600...haha...laugh die me..then wednesday morning we back..






then folow by thursday friday and saturday i go for the totaly freaking nice ..and i make friends with many guys..they all are so friendly. my group header is so cares of us..and the issac..he is care of me too..cheer me up and gave me brave for go up the stage perform...thx..=)..haha..he curi gave me a pack of milo in the we played the station game at the second gotta rockx the game..but i get whole body got lots of scar..i mis the day..miss all of them..looking for next year camp ^^

cheau yee me and yasmine..mgs girl^^

my group header and me..i co him pig

the station game^^ (our group member)

everyone sure get

no title..

whole weak wont be post anythng in blog...
lol..monday go KL..tuesday wednesday go genting..
and folow by thursday,friday and saturday ..
will be attend for a
haiz..wish to hapy when having my trip..
take care everyone...

wtf..throat pain

i have been sicked for 3 days..untill now..
wtf...who can save sound is like...
an old i have to perform..
but..i dint did it..i gv up...cuz my throat is freaking pain..
even speak also got problems..then i juz be a crew for the prom..
erm...quite not fun my leg so damnly pain..
and yea..these why i hate to wears heals .i used plaster..
to hold on my pain..have to helped the organizer..
no idea..kept ran here ran there...
after that..the ball started..few activities is going on too..
i juz noe jackie won for the best dress prize..and joey too..
then the guy ask them to dance..
then i juz happy for jackie
after that..i back shop..jackie back parade..then he changed dress..
and headed up to my happy saw him again..
sei sor zai my mom said treat him eat...
but when he back he throw me rm10...=.=

actualy i feel so heart felt damn sour..
i used to told myself not to thnk too much..
especialy some one post the pic in the fb
but can not..although is juz a activity for fun...but fine..=)
dun noe why..i saw that pic i cr***
fucker dun try to beat me down..fugly

thx u la

yesterday im moody..he knew me cry...
he call with me..accompany me...
and yet...tum me...cheer me up...but i sudenly close his phone.. wan disturb u only la..myself problem...
but anyway..thxx for caring me..^^
u always cheer me when im moody and down...
u are such a best good fren to me...hees...
i realy dun noe wanna how to requite u luu...
hope u happy always and have a nice day..

u tried?

i feel that he tried to stay far away from me..sigh...
u saw me u dun tok with me...
u saw me u dun feel happy
u saw me u dun text me
u saw me u dint even look at me...
and yet...always dun wana find me..
u got to go u dint told me anything..
u rather accompany ur fren ..
dun noe what u thinking..i asked u..
u say cuz waiting me to text u...
but i say i dun wan..i wan u changed..
u promised me...but u broke the promise..
u say u will change ur atitude..i dint feel so..
u broke it waiting for u the whole day la please..
tired...sincerely...u realy do hate me or what??
my destiny so bad...i doesn feel that u care on me...
did you?? but u said u did..and u say i dint care on u..
im totaly tired...what u thinking !! god!!! what he thinking!!


same as usual..woke up and then is so hard..sleep, eat , work, if re-open school then go school..=( more bored la human being...around 6p.m mummy bring me along go boutique that near our shop in greentown..she bought lots of dress and me juz 1 grey jacket and a dress for the coming soon prom night.=D happy...hope for the day 10th december..sure got lots of pretties and leng zai shop..then online..nothing else i can do..sure facebook..then msn..oh gosh..for sure i chat with him too...he wrote"try not to think of it" in his PM..i asked him..what u thinking of?..sure got something..he say nothing...i know he sure will say so..cuz is been many times he told me like this .then i juz fine..and say ok to him..then i whisper myself..not nothing !! is everything..!!life wasnt that good for me..every day got lots off things happend..or else trouble around me problems..Life is just a chance to grow a soul.And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years..i miss u not ur me beeing defeated to love you~ some days...u wil realize the obstructer _____♥



nelson bufday =)

woke up...followed sofea's car
go nelson...then folow by kelvin,alfred and naigel..
haha...sook wei saw alfred then faster hidden..and her heart-beat is like
bob bob bob!!!! lol...both of them so shameful...aww...hows funny =)
then after ate..we go join nelson's jusco kbox...
he is the bufday boy..he play with issac and kent them till very
ish...then finish...we go watch movie..after all gone me and jackie
go black canyon ate sumthng..taste
after parents came jj too..then i join them after tat back..
anyway..happy birthday to him..