wtf..throat pain

i have been sicked for 3 days..untill now..
wtf...who can save sound is like...
an old i have to perform..
but..i dint did it..i gv up...cuz my throat is freaking pain..
even speak also got problems..then i juz be a crew for the prom..
erm...quite not fun my leg so damnly pain..
and yea..these why i hate to wears heals .i used plaster..
to hold on my pain..have to helped the organizer..
no idea..kept ran here ran there...
after that..the ball started..few activities is going on too..
i juz noe jackie won for the best dress prize..and joey too..
then the guy ask them to dance..
then i juz happy for jackie
after that..i back shop..jackie back parade..then he changed dress..
and headed up to my happy saw him again..
sei sor zai my mom said treat him eat...
but when he back he throw me rm10...=.=

actualy i feel so heart felt damn sour..
i used to told myself not to thnk too much..
especialy some one post the pic in the fb
but can not..although is juz a activity for fun...but fine..=)
dun noe why..i saw that pic i cr***
fucker dun try to beat me down..fugly