miss u biiiiiiiiiii ♥

gosh..darn miss u bii...
how could u keep appear in my mind...
the only one of u...u totally disturb my concentrate
of my work...our distance may be far away...
but i sure our relations still remains true..
im not prefect..i will anoy u..piss u off..
and say stupid thngs..then take it bk..
but put all aside..u will never find a girl that
cares and loves u more then me dis idiot girl...
i lay in bed every night thankful to god u are mine..
u kiss my lips softly i know we are mean to be..
you stare at my eyes as u hold me..and then..
everythng disappears into nothing..
i cant thnk off anyone i had rather be with..
no one i will spend my life more then u..
and i will always be by ur side..
i will always love u..forever and a day..babe...
everyone says u can only fall in love once..
but evey time i hear ur voice..
i fall in love all over again..
i miss u more then i could say...
plz keep me at ur side... <3