bye to pmr..wee..

at last ...the evil PMR is stay away from me...
haha..my friends is so bad..those who doesnt sit for chinese exam..
sombong to me at 9 a.m sumthng ..
said they are going back and some of them go parade 1st..T.T
i juz looking at them ..when PMR end..all shouted like "sakai"
the teacher who duty in the exam hall was sockx to saw that..
thought what happend is going on..haha..realy funny
after that..when im going to sit for the chinese exam only realise that
my 10pairs++ of contact lens lost already..with my brush too..
the person is purposely made me into hard n dun wana let me take the exam..
vely mad for what they did..is so childish...
friends all also wana betray me..damn suckxx..
in mgs i already let stollen many times..at least up to 5 times..
why this world got such no moral's people..
haiz..anyway is fine ..cuz pmr is end..
p/s: hope to fren back with 'Cxxxxx' but she do nothing..is damnly sad..
some more say i no friends only friend back her..why evey one oso like that....