what hapen to my mom!!!

i juz noe that im freaking angry my mom today!!! ish...she promised me let me go out at 24th and 26th..24th is for christmas...and 26th is for my fren gathering..my friend en li is opening for a christmas party..i wana go..im gonna change school already..=(...my mom sudenly told me juz to chose 1 day..haiz...i dun noe lah..mayb she let me two days oso go..but 24th wont be that syok out whole day!!! haiz...fine..hate parents...love to break promise!! ...if she cant make the promise dun promise me then...huh..i damn miss my fren..not that realy willing change to the school...i dun noe why ..izit my problems?..2day i text with many guys..got 4 ppl straight asked me izit im moody..im so sockxx..how they gonna noe im moody..i juz text with them..for sure they cheer me too..thxx..the 1st ppl is zhen sen..2nd jason phang..3rd chris ho and 4th ppl is bryan ..well..dun noe why i go toilet cry for half and hour ..sum more play my phone alone inside the toilet.. for what..it doesn look nice in toilet also..-.- haizzzzzzzzzzzzzz