nothing else..bored also..

same luu..go work..need earn money er..
my wishlist still got alot things
erm...after time, online for awhile..
while playing face book..the sopoh apple tan was there too..
so happy she's with her
then..what else..??countinue work lo..
my life so bads..T.T



woke up as late for work...
so i doesn go for work 2day.
doing nothing at home..watched tv..:((
then 6p.m sumthng..edward and me decided go find
that three dong dong..jackie, jing yi, and kok wai
haha...then after i bathed..took taxi go toh bow kong temple meet edward
is freaking much pll there..then we walked go in..
we found that the 3 fellows is selling some acesories near the...something like food court..XDD
their reaction when saw us is damnly funny..then me and edward ate at there.
after that we buy some bevarages and sweets for
chating with the uncle that selling stuf with's cool..
after that and eaward alone sit taxi back again..:(
miss them..


oh many ppl say..SINGLE ROCKX..
how do u all guys thnk of?
for still okay lah :(
haiz..trying to put down totally sad actualy..
but everythng will be fine soon..i believe it..nothing is imposible rit
he is out of my lifes now..
wasnt lifes is so hard to live for a human being like me
juz spining my own head around..
woke up at 9.45a.m, edward text me and we have some chat there..
after that i 10a.m sumthng like that..
edward told me that jackie ding and jing yi loh was going out
for working...that two stupid dum ass selling "tortise bread"
at "dou mou gong" quite funny..
and then at 11a.m sumthng..i folow my mum go out shop
and working too ..damnly tired..haiz...but then got salary get from them..
is else i can
one word..tired tired tired tired..


haha...same as usually..
wake up and then bath..
prepared everything..
follow my father's car go out..
he droped me at parade...
we dis idiot gang..
edward,kit yan, jing yi, kok wai, jackie and me
purposely wear black and white to match with each others fun...
at 1st..all arived is to find for jobs..
lol.all like no money use ,say muz find a job 1st..
gonna bankrupt already...and then...
we go for kbox sing k....>.<
all become sakai again...haha...always stand at kbox's sofa..
dance ,sing and play....
when the time nearly to back home...
me , kok wai and jackie play over le.
when the time kok wai use his hand touch jackie's xxx
jackie is too sensitive and kicked the table..
after that..HAHAHA...the glass jar is droped and broken...
so scared la that and jing yi faster take the plastic beg from the rubish bin..
then put all the broken jar into the plastic beg and put into my beg..-.-
me and jackie pretend go back home and go out from kbox and faster throw the plastic away..
haha..we so bad...finaly...all back home... so memorable for me...i will never forget bout what we did..lolxx

bye to pmr..wee..

at last ...the evil PMR is stay away from me... friends is so bad..those who doesnt sit for chinese exam..
sombong to me at 9 a.m sumthng ..
said they are going back and some of them go parade 1st..T.T
i juz looking at them ..when PMR end..all shouted like "sakai"
the teacher who duty in the exam hall was sockx to saw that..
thought what happend is going on..haha..realy funny
after that..when im going to sit for the chinese exam only realise that
my 10pairs++ of contact lens lost already..with my brush too..
the person is purposely made me into hard n dun wana let me take the exam..
vely mad for what they so childish...
friends all also wana betray me..damn suckxx..
in mgs i already let stollen many least up to 5 times..
why this world got such no moral's people..
haiz..anyway is fine ..cuz pmr is end..
p/s: hope to fren back with 'Cxxxxx' but she do damnly sad..
some more say i no friends only friend back her..why evey one oso like that....


not going to post my blog
until pmr end..^^
anyway moody in dis few days..
trying to be fine...
wish u all guys happy..