juz the 1st day open dis blogger..
haha..not very well to use yet..
juz boring..hate teacher give too many
home work to me...al those PMR projek..
gona make me die...
omg..im thinking back now.
a worst thng is happen on me and my fren..
de gurl why stil dun wan her face..
gonna ask our money 4 buying her present..
lyk forcing us..not very song loh..
yer...plz lah..nearly make me wan argue wif her..
(we still fren..i give face U)
what the ****-.-
haha...im very happy oso..
xian kai say sorry to me loh..
actually that day im angry with him..
but then feel sad after that..
2day i oso tahan dun tok wif him loh..
saw him juz feel wana say sorry to him..
so.sorry here..i oso got wrong..
aiya..is ok..we still best fren..
i love him^^