oh many ppl say..SINGLE ROCKX..
how do u all guys thnk of?
for still okay lah :(
haiz..trying to put down totally sad actualy..
but everythng will be fine soon..i believe it..nothing is imposible rit
he is out of my lifes now..
wasnt lifes is so hard to live for a human being like me
juz spining my own head around..
woke up at 9.45a.m, edward text me and we have some chat there..
after that i 10a.m sumthng like that..
edward told me that jackie ding and jing yi loh was going out
for working...that two stupid dum ass selling "tortise bread"
at "dou mou gong" quite funny..
and then at 11a.m sumthng..i folow my mum go out shop
and working too ..damnly tired..haiz...but then got salary get from them..
is else i can
one word..tired tired tired tired..